Clear SharePoint Designer Cache using PowerShell

In a PowerShell window run:

Remove-Item "$([Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable("USERPROFILE"))\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WebsiteCache\*" -Recurse  
Remove-Item "$([Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable("APPDATA"))\Microsoft\Web Server Extensions\Cache\*" -Recurse  

Warning - This script will delete files and folders and specifically the History and Cache for SharePoint Designer 2010/2013

Clear Cached Credentials

One of the reasons I needed to clear the SPD cache was because after I changed my Password in SharePoint Online / Office 365 I could no longer connect to my SharePoint site using SharePoint Designer. I received the error "You do not have permission to open this Web site in SharePoint Designer".

The issue I had thought was the SPD cache, however it was actually the Windows Credential Manager that had cached my password.

If you are having the same trouble, do the following in Windows:

  • Click the Windows Start Button
  • Type "Credential Manager"
  • Check both the Web Credentials and the Windows Credentials for an item with the domain of your SharePoint site.

I found my Office 365 site in the Windows Credentials. I found a couple actually, one was prefixed with MicrosoftOffice15.